2018 Savannah WIZARD WEEKEND FOLLOW-UP: photos, next year's date, house points and butter beer winners...and more!

* PHOTOS UPDATED - 6/23/18 * Savannah's WIZARD WEEKEND was a great success and Markster Con now has several updates to share! Below you'll find links for event photos (NOTE: some still being edited/uploaded), as well as Wizard Trivia winners, the Wizard Prom King & Queen, who won the House Points Competition, which bar was voted BEST BUTTER BREW as well as other upcoming events you should check out as well as the date for the next Savannah WIZARD WEEKEND in 2019!

In addition, a MASSIVE thank you The Rail Pub (Wizard Registry), Savannah Smiles (Graduation Gathering) and all of the other participating venues. And of course to the small army of volunteers and staff who made the Savannah WIZARD WEEKEND such a fun and successful endeavor!

Did you take photos during Savannah WIZARD WEEKEND and would like to share with the rest of the wizarding world? If so, we'd love to see them! Simple click the button below and "Add" as many photos as you'd like!


Saturday's WIZARD TRIVIA, sponsored by Markster Con, was hosted by HUNGOVER ENTERTAINMENT at the Savannah Taphouse. It was no surprise that the event was packed and reached max capacity early on and after several rounds of tough questions trivia teams Slytherdor, Chuddly’s Cannons and Flitwicks walked away with the most points and some great prizes!


• Workman Reflections photos – click HERE * New! *
• Cultural Gorilla photos – click HERE
• Jeff James photos – click HERE
• Tom Reimer photos – click HERE
• Low Country Socialite Wizard Prom review – click HERE

• Workman Reflections photos – click HERE  * New! *
• Cultural Gorilla photos – click HERE (in progress)
• Jeff James photos – click HERE  * New! *
• Aqualuna photos – click HERE


After it was all said and done the WIZARD PROM crowd was presented their Wizard King & Witch Queen. The judges picked their Top 3 from the male and female entries and then the crowd helped pick their King and Queen by cheering and clapping. So many wonderful costumes, make sure to visit the photo links above to see more!

Savannah's Witch Queen (Tracy T.) and Wizard King (Adam. G.)
Photo by Jeff James


During the Wizard Pub Crawl attendees collected points (via badge punches) by visiting the various venues and by also using Snapchat filters to secure bonus house points, which were tallied at the Graduation Gathering at Savannah Smiles at the end of the crawl.

Overall 6,605 points were earned with the Red House (Lions) walking away with the win!

Blue House (Eagles): 1,740 points
Yellow House (Badgers): 1,228 points
Red House (Lions): 2,517 points
Green House (Snakes): 1,120 points


9 out of 12 venues participated in the "Best Butter Brew Contest" during the Wizard Pub Crawl, in hopes of walking away with Best Butter Brew title in Savannah. Many attending the Graduation Gathering cast a vote for their favorite (only one vote allowed for those voting) and once all votes were counted BARRELHOUSE SOUTH earned the most votes and can note brag that they have the BEST BUTTER BREW IN SAVANNAH  - until next year! Overall 188 votes were cast.

TOP 3 (out of 9) VENUES:
Barrelhouse South (Lion's Den): 57 votes
PS Tavern (Three Broomsticks Pub): 29 votes
Rogue Water (Magical Ministry): 28 votes

Will there be another WIZARD WEEKEND? Will there be more events like these?

Savannah's WIZARD WEEKEND was such a great experience and success! We've already had many attendees ask when we'll be doing it again. Well, first off, in addition to these Wizard themed events Markster Con will be bringing more of it's tried-and-true geek-themed events to Savannah this year (and next) so keep reading below find out more. And yes, we will be bringing back WIZARD WEEKEND in 2019! The most common complaint we heard was about something that we don't have control over— the heat — so we have decided (tentatively) to move next year's Savannah WIZARD WEEKEND date to April 13th & 14th, 2019 (tentative) in hopes that the change in date by two months will help alleviate that issue. And for those that don't know, there is also a WIZARD WEEKEND in Atlanta (where it originated) and Athens:

July 7th, 2018: Potter Prom (Miami, FL)
Oct. 19th, 2018: Wizard's Ball (Athens, GA)
Oct. 20th, 2018: Wizard Pub Crawl (Athens, GA)
Nov. 9th, 2018: Potter Pub Crawl #4 (Atlanta, GA)
Nov. 10th, 2018: Wizard's Ball V (Atlanta, GA)
----> April 12th, 2019: Wizard Prom (Savannah) <---- 
----> April 13th, 2019: Wizard Pub Crawl (Savannah) <----

What other events are planned for Savannah?

 For those that don't already know, Markster Con produces year-round geek and alternative themed events in Atlanta, Athens, Miami....and now Savannah! Those on Facebook might have already gotten a taste of some other events to watch for from Markster Con and you can see them below. If you are interested simply click on each banner and join the FB event page to keep up to speed when more information is released as well as adv. tickets:

For future geek-themed events please visit MarksterCon.com

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